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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Long Island

The Importance Of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning for Your Long Island Restaurant, Hotel, School or Facility that is operating a kitchen.

With the normal day to day use, a commercial kitchen is bound to hoard a flammable combination of oil, grease and fat. If left unattended, this substance can become a fire hazard, and we all know that a small flare up from the cook top can ignite the filters and the flames will be ignited by the oil and grease in the duct system. The result can be a disastrous one, which can destroy the business or even harm the staff and the customers.
However, fire is not the only potential danger. When the residue coats the duct system, it inevitably becomes a breeding hub for germs. This gives a good environment for biological infestations to thrive, posing another major threat to those working in the kitchen and customers eating the food. In worst case scenarios, this leads to bad publicity which gives the business a bad reputation. Ideally, sub par cleaning could leave the business closed for years, and might never recover from the bad name. This calls for proper commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning on Long Island NY.
The sanitation regulations require exhaust systems to be cleaned thoroughly at least one a year. Well, of course in terms of health and safety, compliance can be vital from an insurance standpoint, and so, the operators have a responsibility of ascertaining the exhaust systems are safe for the staff and visitors. Risk management is a very important role when it comes to such business. As such, the operator has a duty of hiring a kitchen cleaning company to run a regular maintenance program for the exhaust system, with inspection as well as cleaning to specified standards.
A leader in the industry for exhaust systems cleaning will provide maintenance programs for various facilities such as hotels, shopping centers, sporting complexes, institutions and even entertainment venues, not forgetting individual retail business places. A professional and competent will schedule the program in way that the cleaning does not interfere with normal operations. This is usually implemented in the after business hours.
When a Long Island commercial kitchen exhaust system is maintained by professional commercial kitchen cleaners, the treatment goes beyond the visible areas, most notably blades and filters. The treatment will include cleaning of risers as well as horizontal ducts, which are the areas with the most accumulations of the hazardous residue. Ideally, a reputable team of KC Exhaust cleaners will employ comprehensive decontamination procedures that are based on the stringent international specifications and national regulations as well.

When hiring the best commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning service, the operator should ask for:

  1. The before and after photographs of their previous projects to ascertain success
  2. A certificate of compliance
  3. Insurance and bonding documents to ascertain safety
  4. A full assessment of the kitchenĂ­s exhaust condition and a detailed diagram of the same.
  5. Licensing evidence to prove they are allowed to operate

With a certified and reputable Long Island, New York exhaust cleaning service, an operator can expect a consistent top-notch job in maintaining the safety of the kitchen exhaust system.

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